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General Mom wont help


New Member
Mar 28, 2021
I have a student (special needs) who has been consistently absent in school. My school requires me to call home on the regular. Mom used to pick up my phone calls but she was not very good about following through with a number of things (making sure that her child came to school with homework, snacks, etc.). Now the student misses the bus all the time, and mom wont pick up the phone. I am worried about the child and admin isn't much help.
Any advice?


New Member
Apr 5, 2021
My ounce of advice.... document EVERYTHING. Keep a phone/contact log and write down everything that was talked about with parents on which date. If anything comes back at you, you will be able to show proof that you did everything that you could.
Unfortunately, as teachers, we cannot physically control students getting out of bed in the morning. We cannot physically put them on the bus. However, what we can do is take a deep breath and relieve outselves of that stress. Take a deep breath :) You are doin' okay. Hugs